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With our partners we do installations all over Thailand, from Phuket and Krabi in the south to Phitsanulok, Isan and Nakhon Sawan in the north and Korat in the east. We have installations in Udon Thani, Yasothon, Buriram, Khon Kaen, Chaiyaphum, Chumphae, Chaosoengsao, Hua Hin, Cha-am, Kanchanaburi, Sakon Nakhon, Chai Nat, Phetchabun, Ubon Ratchathani, Maha Sarakham and Kalasin.


Residental and commerical

We do installations for residential and commercial projects. On grid, off grid and hybrid systems are all types of systems we do. Single-phase and three-phase systems depending on your needs. 


Complete service

We start with your goals for the system. Is your goal to save money or maybe you want backup power when the grid goes down? After we know your goals, we design a system for these goals. After sale, we make sure  that the goals are being reached.


Off grid

Do you want power to a house that is far from the electrical grid? We can help you.


Focus on quality

Quality in every component in an installation increases the lifetime of the system and also makes it more safe.


Save money

We design systems that saves our customers money on electricity. After 5-6 years you have your money back, after that all electricity your system produces is profit for you.


We do not over promise

We sell systems based on quality and return of investment. We don’t over promise, but give realistic projections that stand the test of time.


Battery systems

We install the best battery systems in the world with integrated non-combustible LFP battery banks. The UPS function is activated within just a few milliseconds for seamless power supply.


After sale support

We help maintain your system. We have groups on facebook where customers can pose questions and discuss different systems. We have groups in three languages, English, Thai and Norwegian.

Why We are
The Best For the Job

When you work with us you will know we do things properly
  • work permit
  • electrician and foreman in full time positions
  • high quality equipment
  • after sale follow up
  • English, Thai and Norwegian language

We work with Huawei products

We work with Growatt products

We work with Goodwe products

We work with Alpha ESS products


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