Solar installations residential

Southern Isan, Thailand
Alpha hybrid with 20 kwh battery

A 10 kW hybrid system consisting of a Alpha smile 5 supported by a Growatt 5 kW inverter.

Northern Isan, Thailand
5 kW on grid with a generator

This installation is made with a automatic generator that turns on when the grid goes down.

Hua Hin, Thailand
Three phase installation by the beach

A beautiful installation we did in Hua Hin. For this project we used a three-phase Huawei inverter, 5 kW.

Northern Isan, Thailand
5 kW with over sizing (6,5 kW total)

This customer wanted more than 5 kW, but less than 10 kW. We oversized the panels to 6,5 kW on a 5 kW Growatt inverter. This is no problem for a high quality inverter. The customer can save over 3000 baht per month with this system.

Central Thailand
5 kW three phase on grid

This installation was done with one string first, then we added another string two months later. This is a good solution if the customer wants the option for later expansion at the time of installation. 

Every installation starts with determining the goals for the system. Do you have grid loss often that you want backup for? Is saving money the main objective? Or is convenience more important? 


Next is an onsite survey to check the roof, measure the grid and examine the system details.

The third step is to finalize the system in a quote. About 2 weeks after that we can start the installation (depending on stock of equipment).


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